August 27th, Scramble the Seawolves Movie premiere will be held September 4th on the USS. Midway. The Midway event is closed to the public, without a special invite. Media wanting to attend the event, Please contact Shannon or Jeff for information on how to attend with Media Pass.

Thank you,





By now I trust that you have received the GREAT news that Scramble the Seawolves has been picked up by KPBS in San Diego, which means that the story of the Seawolves will air on television. We are working with KPBS to secure National Distribution, so that all American's have an opportunity to see this film in the comfort of their homes on TV.  When we embarked on this "mission" or objective was to share this story with as many people as possible.  

We are so proud to report that over the course of 2 Indiegogo Campaigns, the trailer and the Campaign page were visited almost 42,000 times. WOW!  That is not including at least 50K views of the trailer on YouTube/Facebook/Vimeo and Social Media, contributions from well over 400 different individuals and 3 Corporate Sponsors.  It is safe to say, we have only scratched the surface and anticipate that our platform through KPBS will only catapult the viewership of Scramble the Seawolves in to the hundreds of thousands, if not millions.  Public Television has the viewership and we have the story!  So, we're not going to stop until we accomplish this mission. 
To those that have received this email and have made a contribution to the project, whether it be financial, film, photos and/or personal interview, we THANK YOU!  

We have been asked recently how our fundraising goals are coming along, whether or not we are planning to do another Indiegogo Campaign and how to contribute if someone would like to. I'd like to address these questions. 
We had an expectation that securing sizable contributions through "Corporate Sponsors" would likely be the means at which we would bridge the gap between what we have and need to complete Post-Production.  Unfortunately, this has proven to be more challenging than anticipated, however, we plan to continue our efforts. 
We are not opposed to doing a third and final Indiegogo if we have to, however, Indiegogo Campaigns are extremely time consuming and our time has to be spent and focused on finishing the film. One of the nice things with Indiegogo is that it allowed people to make contributions using a Credit Card, so I completely understand the convenience. Once the campaign ends then this capability ends along with the campaign.  

If you have a desire to help us get to the finish line with flying colors, here is how you can help. 

One, feel free to share!  Many of you have already, which we are certainly grateful for.  

We are still trying to raise approximately $60K in the next 30-45 days to cover our expected post-production expenses.This $60K will be used for "Celebrity" Voice Over (Yes, we ARE in talks with a known Celebrity that it highly interested), Music Licensing Rights and finishing costs. 

If you Own a Business, work for an Organization or "know somebody who knows somebody" that may be interested in the opportunity to be a Corporate Sponsor, please let us know right away as we would be more than happy to discuss specifics as to Advertising opportunities.

If you would like to make a contribution through PAYPAL using a credit card or your paypal account (not TAX Deductible), you can find our PAYPAL Account by entering one of the following:
Email address: Shannont@hotmail.com
Name:Shannon Arballo

Checks can be made payable to Arballo Entertainment (not TAX Deductible) and mailed to:
1296 Avenida Fragata, San Marcos, CA 92069

TAX DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTIONS can be made payable to the Seawolf Association, our Fiscal Sponsor.
Reference "Scramble the Seawolves" in the memo line.
Checks mailed to: Seawolf Association C/O Gary Ely, 9540 Vista Hills Place, Lakeside, CA 92040

In closing, we'd like to thank you for your continued support and going along this journey with us! This has been a long road, but as we have shared before, it has been a blessing and our privilege to produce Scramble the Seawolves.  

Shannon and Jeff Arballo, Proud Seawolf Daughter and Son-in-Law.
Arballo Entertainment