​​​​​​​​​​Currently Arballo Entertainment is in the process of creating the Documentary, Scramble the Seawolves. This is their story of who they are and the role they played in the Vietnam war. Chances are you have never heard of the Seawolves.  The United States Navy Helicopter Attack Light Squadron 3 HA(L)-3, came to be known as the Seawolves, were the only group to ever be established and disestablished outside of the United States.  The HA(L)-3 Seawolves primary mission was to patrol the river ways of the Mekong Delta and to stop enemy infiltration into South Vietnam, provide air support and complete rescue missions for the PBR’s, River Patrol Boat Squadron, and the Navy Seals as they secured the waterways throughout the Mekong Delta during the Vietnam War. The Brotherhood amongst these brave men, an all volunteer group, was key to their success in rescuing so many and saving countless lives.  When the squadron was initially created, they inherited second-hand Huey’s from the Army and it was the highly skilled Maintainers responsibility to work their magic on these birds so that the crew was safe and confident as they embarked on their countless missions. The bravery, courage, steadfastness and fierce commitment to accomplish their mission, to save lives, was their commitment every day.  They flew at night, low level, in impossible conditions; conditions nobody else would dare fly in.  When the Seawolves received a call for help, they were immediately scrambled and were in the air within 2 minutes. No role within their squadron was more important than the other.This is what makes the Seawolves so very special and unique.  They are the most decorated Navy Squadron in history.

Our sincerest hope,through this film, is that you will have a true understanding of who the HA(L)3 Seawolves are. The fearlessness of the door gunner, the confident steady hand of the pilot, the skill and ability of the machinists and mechanics and most importantly that you will know of the men who paid the ultimate scarifies for our country. TO DONATE CLICK ON CONTACT ABOVE.

Play Documentary Trailer Below or  LINK TO THE TRAILER ON: You Tube   https://youtu.be/W4f_hQP1sdk 

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